Technology Acceptable Use Policy

By using YULA High School’s technology and network services, you agree to abide by the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This AUP is subject to change at YULA High School’s discretion with or without notification.

Digital Communication


Students are advised to keep cell phones and other communication devices locked in their lockers during class time. Students who are using these devices during class, Tefilah or assemblies will have their device confiscated for the remainder of the day.


Students may not follow, friend, message or communicate with staff on personal social media
accounts. These guidelines apply to all current and future social media platforms, such as
Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and similar.


In an effort to improve informal communications with students and parents for class
announcements, planning and activities such as field trips, academic competitions, and athletic
events, YULA High School has adopted the use of the Google Chat platform. Google Chat permits monitored communication with students via mobile phone while maintaining the privacy of information, such as student and faculty phone numbers.

Google Chat is not a replacement for email, but an additional service that can be used for communicating informally with students when using email is not practical or expedient. Each staff member will decide whether Google Chat is appropriate for their class or event. Google Chat should not be used after 10pm.



Students at YULA High School High School have access to many technology resources. Students and Parents (Users) must understand and accept the responsibilities, policies, and terms involved in the use of the technology that is provided and facilitated by the school.
These policies and procedures must be adhered to by every student, and applies not only to
YULA High School’s devices on and off campus, but also privately-owned devices while on our campus.

YULA High School fully expects that all members of the school community will use the computer
systems in a responsible, appropriate, and legal manner. Violating the letter or spirit of the
policies and procedures may be cause to deny a user access to the YULA High School computer systems, and/or may result in more serious disciplinary action(s) and/or financial obligations.


Access to the technology resources, services, network and internet at YULA High School is a privilege, not a right. Access is provided to support YULA High School’s educational programs, and is not intended for commercial use or any personal use which may interfere with YULA High School’s educational mission. YULA High School may revoke access to any and all technology resources and equipment, at any time, for any reason.

Any electronic device brought on campus should be used only for educational purposes at the specific direction of a faculty or staff member. With probable cause, we reserve the right to confiscate any equipment brought on campus by any student.


All YULA High School’s owned equipment, networks and network services (such as laptops, iPads, Internet access, LMS systems, SIS systems, email and cloud storage) are filtered and monitored.

No right of privacy exists in the use of YULA High School’s technology resources. Users should not assume that files or communications created or transmitted using YULA High School’s computers, services, networks or stored on servers or hard drives of individual computers will be private. School system administrators or individuals designated by the administration may review files, monitor all network communication, and intercept data and email messages to maintain system integrity, ensure student and faculty safety and to ensure compliance with school policy and applicable laws and regulations.

School personnel shall monitor activities of individuals who utilize school-owned computers, networks or resources while on or off campus. Communications relating to or in support of illegal activities will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Information in electronic messages is not anonymous and is subject to disclosure to third parties under state and/or federal law in certain circumstances.

Access to online content and services via the network may be restricted in accordance with our policies and federal regulations. YULA High School provides filtered Internet access. Users should be aware that, although filtered, the potential exists, as it does with all Internet use, for users to access material that may contain content that is illegal, inaccurate, or potentially offensive to students, parents, employees or others. Even with filtering software it is not possible to absolutely restrict access (accidental or otherwise) to all such material.

It will be each user’s responsibility to adhere to the school-wide policy and the general usage rules set forth in this document. Users may request to block or unblock a network resource, and requests will be reviewed by the administration. YULA High School reserves the right to deny access to any network or Internet resource at any time.


Each YULA High School student is provided an Apple MacBook laptop computer (specific models vary year to year) which includes a charger and an AppleCare Warranty which starts on the day of purchase by YULA High School. The computers and chargers are the property of YULA High School and are on loan to the User while enrolled at YULA High School.

YULA High School reserves the right to collect and/or inspect the computer at any time. Ownership and control of the laptop will remain with YULA High School, even though the user has possession of the device at the school or elsewhere. Nothing in this agreement, nor the delivery of the laptop by YULA High School, constitutes a transfer of ownership of the laptop to the student or parent.

Upon graduation, a student may submit a request for transfer of ownership of the laptop computer. If all fees are paid and other requirements have been met, the student may take ownership of the computer after official approval has been received in writing from the administration. To complete the process, the student must immediately contact the YULA High School technology department to unlock and release the computer. YULA High School graduates should expect their network credentials, email addresses, storage and all other technological resources to be disabled, deleted or deactivated within 30 days of graduation. No further access or support will be provided after graduation.

If a student withdraws from YULA High School before graduation, the laptop is to be returned to YULA High School with the charger in the same condition as it was given (normal wear and tear accepted). If there is any damage affecting the usability of the computer, the student will be responsible for any repairs needed to restore the computer to full functionality. Withdrawing students may have the option to purchase their computer pending approval from the administration. The purchase price of the computer is calculated as: the full purchase price paid by the school for the computer and AppleCare, minus 25% per each year of enrollment. Departing students should expect their network credentials, email addresses, storage and all other technological resources to be disabled, deleted or deactivated within 7 days of departure. No further access or support will be provided after departure.


Students are permitted to use only the YULA High School owned MacBook during class, at the teacher’s discretion. Personal computers, tablets and phones are not permitted in class and are subject to confiscation. Computers are required at school every day and are expected to have a fully charged battery each morning.

Students must be connected to the YULA High School wireless network at all times. Creating ad-hoc networks, accessing private subscriptions, such portable hotspots or turning off the WiFi is prohibited. YULA High School makes no guarantee that the school wireless network will have 100% uptime.

Applications and data stored within the school computer systems should be limited to those relating to formal school courses or activities. Games, software, or graphic files that are not for a school project or formal activity should not be stored on the school network. Any material found is subject for immediate deletion without notice, and depending on the content, disciplinary action may be sought.

The use or installation of any YULA High School provided software on personal computers is prohibited and considered theft.

Users are prohibited from engaging in unauthorized or unlawful activities, such as “hacking” or using the computer network to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized or unlawful access to other computers, computer systems or accounts.

Users are prohibited from accessing another individual’s computer account. Users may not read, alter, change, block, execute or delete files or communications belonging to another user without appropriate authorization or the owner’s express prior permission. In addition, users shall not share or reveal their passwords or user IDs for any data system.

YULA High School’s technological resources are provided for school-related purposes only. Acceptable uses of such technological resources are limited to responsible, efficient and legal activities that support learning and teaching. Use of school system technological resources for commercial gain, profit, amusement or entertainment is prohibited.

Students agree to the following rules regarding the device and internet usage:

  • No chat or messaging during class
  • No games during class
  • Do not send messages using abusive, or otherwise objectionable language
  • Do not engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks (cyber-bullying)
  • Never harass another person. Harassment is defined as persistently acting in a manner that distresses or annoys another person. If you are told by a person to stop communicating with them, you must stop.
  • Never knowingly or recklessly post false or defamatory information about a person or organization
  • Never post, send or download copyrighted material without permission. Users are to respect the rights of and the intellectual property of others in accordance with state and federal copyright laws. Transferring copyrighted material to or from the school’s device without the permission of the owner is a violation of
  • Federal Law. Certain usages are permitted under Fair-Use law as we are an educational institution. Speak with a technology director to discuss further.
  • Never access, send, or retrieve pornographic material
  • Never upload or download inappropriate files or files dangerous to the integrity of any network
  • Never circumvent security measures on school or remote devices or networks
    Students may never circumvent security measures on school devices or networks. Students may never use VPNs or proxy technologies in any capacity on school devices or networks.
  • Never attempt to gain access to another person’s resources, programs, or data without permission
  • Never falsify one’s identity to others, i.e. fake profiles
  • Never engage in the unauthorized exploration of the operating system
  • Never change any installed school software or restrictions
  • Never disclose personal information such as address, phone number, or age online.
  • Never gamble
  • Never engage in any illegal act, such as arranging for a drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, engaging in criminal gang activity, threatening the safety of a person, etc.
  • Never engage in “spamming”. Spamming is sending an annoying or unnecessary message.
  • Never use Peer-to-Peer file sharing programs or bittorrent technologies


YULA High School is not responsible for the loss of any data. YULA High School can help users set up a backup system and provide guidance, but it is the responsibility of the user to complete this and YULA High School is not responsible for any data loss or retention. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that work is not lost due to mechanical failure or accidental deletion. Device malfunctions are not an acceptable excuse for not submitting work; therefore, users should backup all work. YULA High School IT Department is not responsible for the loss of any data resulting from necessary computer maintenance, repairs or technician work.


Student users are allocated 100 black and white prints per school year. Additional pages can
be purchased from the administration for $0.10 per page.


YULA High School will provide technical support during school hours. Any issue affecting the usability of the laptop should be promptly reported. If a repair is needed, YULA High School has a limited supply of loaner equipment available, but availability is not guaranteed. Any user accepting a loaner accepts full responsibility for the equipment with the same rights and responsibilities as any other YULA High School provided technology and equipment. Due to the busy nature of the IT support environment, immediate assistance is not guaranteed, and users may be required to set an appointment or return at a later time.


Proper care of the equipment is expected at all times. Users are not to decorate, engrave, mark up, or otherwise alter the physical features of any equipment. YULA High School strongly encourages that Users purchase a hard plastic cover as well as a padded carrying case to protect the equipment from damage.


All computers, chargers and other equipment provided to users is on loan, and as such, the Users are responsible for their care and safekeeping. If damage occurs to the equipment which is not covered by the AppleCare warranty, a repair must be arranged for and completed in a timely manner by the user.

YULA High School provides no direct warranty or repair service, since all warranty coverage is directly through the AppleCare program.

Full details of the AppleCare Plus coverage that is included with YULA High School provided MacBook computers is available on the Apple website at this address:

Each computer and charger is covered for four (4) years from date of purchase under AppleCare Plus, and users are responsible for the care and repair of their assigned computer and charger.

The AppleCare warranty does not cover accidental damage or loss, broken chargers, lost or broken cables, battery wear, water damage, negligence and similar determinations. Any additional costs or liabilities assessed by Apple are the responsibility of the User and not YULA High School. Users have the option of seeking a third-party repair if desired. If a loss or theft occurs, it is the responsibility of the user to promptly file a police report and provide a copy to YULA High School.

If a student device requires AppleCare service, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange the repair directly through Apple. YULA High School can assist with providing necessary information such as proof of purchase, or can arrange for a repair by mail.