Panther Pride has always been a hallmark of YULA High School. With 25 teams, 36 coaches, and the participation of more than 80% of our student body, our athletics program plays a major role in instilling the values of teamwork, leadership, healthy living, and commitment in our students.

Through competitive athletics, our students are able to actualize their potential and live out their learned Torah values and midot on the court, field, and pool. As a school, we are committed to enhancing our athletics program, adding new teams, being (even more) competitive in our leagues, increasing student participation, and encouraging our fans to show up and support our student-athletes. With all that is learned through their chosen sport, our student-athletes proudly represent our school’s three pillars – Primacy and Relevancy of Torah, Uncompromising General Studies, and Character Development – on and off the field.

Alexandra Novak
Director of Athletics