Guidance Staff

Israel Guidance

Mrs. Shira Hershoff - Director of Israel Guidance, Girls Division
Rabbi Shimon Abramczik - Director of Israel Guidance, Boys Division

College Guidance

Ms. Rachel Shandalov - Assistant Principal, Girls Division, Director of College Guidance, Girls & Boys Division

Social & Emotional Guidance

Dr. Elianna Rome- Director of Guidance and Counseling Services, Girls Division
Dr. Natalie Williams - Principal, Girls Division
Rabbi Dov Rosenbluth - Director of Guidance, Boys Division
Rabbi Josh Maslow - Guidance Counselor, Boys Division

Student Support

Ms. Victoria Hanlon - Director of Student Support, Girls Division
Ms. Janell LaRue - Learning Specialist, Boys Division

Underclassmen Advisors

Mrs. Miriam Piliavin - Dean of Underclassmen, Girls Division
Mr. David Pulitzer - Academic Advisor, Boys Division