Model UN

The Yeshiva University National Model United Nations (YUNMUN) is a student-run simulation of the workings of the real United Nations that gives students an opportunity to experience and learn about the complex landscape of international diplomacy. Playing the roles of delegates to actual United Nations member nations, participants represent a variety of positions, often ones with which they may not agree. In advocating for a given country, students must conduct thorough research of that country's interests and policies across a wide range of issues and concerns, adding both to their knowledge of world affairs and to their appreciation of and facility with research, preparation, communication and critical evaluation.

YULA's Model U.N. team participates each year in New York. The team competes against other Yeshiva high schools from around the country. Each year, our team is assigned a different country to represent, and members speak, debate, and draft resolutions as delegates for their country. YULA has won the national championship award seven out of the last ten years, and many delegates from our team have won individual honors. To be chosen as a delegate for Model U.N., students must do research on a given topic and present their information orally in a debate-like forum. The delegates must demonstrate strong abilities in public speaking and research.