Message from Rabbi Arye Sufrin

Welcome to YULA High School!

As you browse the website, you will get a small taste of what makes YULA Los Angeles’s premier Modern Orthodox Yeshiva High School. We hope that you will schedule a visit to our campus to experience all of what our yeshiva has to offer.

We are proud to be in the business of training the next generation of inspired Jewish leaders. As a proudly Modern Orthodox school, we work hard to provide our students with an exceptional educational experience in both Judaic and General studies, where collaboration and inquiry are part of the educational ethos. Our school pillars of Primacy and Relevancy of Torah, Uncompromising General Studies, and Character Development are felt throughout our hallways. We also strive to inculcate within our students a deep love for the State of Israel, and for our brothers and sisters who live there. Our educational mission is to inspire our students to serve as passionate leaders who teach by example, starting from the moment they join the YULA community as students, through their years in yeshivot and college, and ultimately as full-fledged members of the broader Jewish community. We are proud of our extraordinary alumni who consistently serve as leaders in their fields in both the United States and Israel, integrating the vibrancy of our tradition and faith into their daily lives.

“The YULA experience means always having a home in the heart of Los Angeles.”

At the heart of our school is an exceptional faculty that is driven to inspire our students to achieve greatness. And the relationships forged between our faculty and students—relationships that stand at the very core of the YULA experience—do not end at graduation. Part and parcel of the YULA experience is having a Rebbe who will dance at your wedding, teachers who advise on graduate school, and faculty who impart wisdom when choosing a career. The YULA experience means always having a home in the heart of Los Angeles, be it playing basketball with fellow alumni or learning in our Beit Midrash.

I encourage you to browse through the website to learn what YULA is all about, and look forward to greeting you on our campus very soon!


Head of School