Social & Emotional Support

Social and Emotional Support

Guidance Counseling

YULA High School offers a robust Guidance Department led by a licensed mental health professional that acts as a student liaison and advocate in the following areas:

  • Psychological and Emotional Development
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Coping Skills
  • Student Focused Mental Health-related Workshops (i.e. Stress Workshops)
  • Specialized Advisory Programs focused on physical and emotional well-being (i.e. on eating disorders, substance abuse, driving safety, building healthy relationships, family empowerment and abuse prevention, etc.)


Grade Deans

YULA  Grade Deans serve to monitor and support the progress and transition of 9th grade students, and 12th grade students as they culminate their YULA High School Journey. Our Deans:

  • Assist with extra-curricular grade events and activities planning
  • Empower students to self advocate and solve problems
  • Facilitate healthy peer relationships