Welcome YULA Alumni!

Our alumni are making a huge impact on the Jewish world and society at large, and, whether you graduated four or forty years ago, we at YULA High School want to reconnect with you.
You are an invaluable asset! Here’s what we’re doing:

  • YULA Alumni Association – In order to better communicate with our alumni and enhance the relationship between YULA graduates and the school, we have established an official YULA Alumni Association.
  • Alumni Manager – I’m available to answer your questions, provide involvement opportunities, help plan events (including a reunion), show you our impressive new campus, and much more.
  • Database  – A comprehensive (and confidential) database is essential to effective communication. With that in mind, please take a minute to update your contact information here.

We are very excited about this important initiative. With your help, we can build an Alumni Association that is dynamic, engaging, and worthy of you, our valued graduates. Please contact me if you’d like to help in any facet!

Your involvement is deeply appreciated!

Rochel Gargir
Chief Operating Officer | 310.203.3180