Yeshiva & Seminary Guidance

At YULA, we strive to educate and ingrain within our students a strong and solid Jewish foundation with an everlasting connection to Torah values. We therefore strongly encourage our students to further solidify this foundation by studying for a year in Israel.

Our Directors of Israel Guidance help students throughout the Israel Gap Year research and application process.

  • Network and build relationships with Yeshivot and Seminaries in Israel
  • Organize the Israel Gap Year Fair
  • Counsel students on program options for their gap year
  • Organize campus visits for Israel Programs
  • Help students through the application and interview process
  • Organize and lead student trips to Israel

There is no single “year in Israel” experience; rather, there is a wide array of programs available. Most directly, it is a uniquely focused experience of growth in Torah learning. The immersion in Jewish living in a Jewish country intensifies the student’s dedication and passion about being a Jew, as well as his connection to the land of Israel. Independent of Jewish considerations, a year’s break before continuing onto college often brings a measure of maturity that improves the college experience.

There is ample opportunity throughout the year to arrange for private meetings with our Israel Guidance Counselors who are available to assist in every aspect of the Seminary and Yeshiva process.

More than 75% of our graduates spend at least one year learning in Israel before they enter college. Our Israel guidance counselors lead senior-year trips for each division to acquaint students with different schools, and, in cooperation with parents, advise students on which seminary or yeshiva is the right fit for their learning experience.


Important Dates


  • College Boot Camp

September - October

  • Initial discussions with students regarding their plans for the upcoming year
  • Israel / College Night


  • Seminary and Yeshiva recruitment visits and interviews
  • Girls Division Seniors Israel Seminary trip


  • Girls Division Seminary application deadline (Dec. 1)


  • Seminary acceptances received (Jan. 15)
  • Boys Division Seniors Israel Yeshiva trip


  • Notify seminary of choice and register
  • Interviews with prospective Yeshivot
  • Yeshiva acceptances received

March 15th

  • Notify Yeshiva of decision and register