Girls Division Entrance Exams

ISEE Entrance Exam Information

An overview of the ISEE test may be downloaded from the ISEE website at

Test Registration

Please register your daughter and pay the required ISEE exam fee before November 24th to avoid a late fee.

Create an ISEE Account

To register for the Sunday, December 19th ISEE Entrance Exam at the YULA Girls Division:

  1. Go to and create an online account.
  2. Add the student’s information
  3. Select “New Registration” to register “By Event Code.”
    • Grade Applying: 9th
    • State: CA
    • Member Code: 054370 (YULA Girls Division code)
  4. Click on Search and then click on YULA.

Register for the YULA Test Date and Location

  1. Select “search and register for available tests
  2. Use our invitation code to register for that exam date: HHVVU66G

When you go to “search and register for available tests,” put our code RD7T37H7 in the box as shown in the photo at the bottom of this page in the “event code search” and ignore “test search” on the left.

For more information, please contact Samira Miller at or 310-203-0755 x 2309.


8:00am: Check-in/Registration & Tefilah
8:30am: Test Begins*
2:30pm: Pickup

Location: YULA High School Girls Division
1619 S. Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Lunch will be provided.

*Please note that per ISEE/ERB rules and regulations – No student may be admitted once testing has begun.

Required Documentation

At check-in, students must present their ISEE Verification Letter and Identification. Acceptable forms of identification are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • School Report Card
  • School ID
  • Passport
  • Green Card

Test Regulations

The following materials are prohibited during testing:

  • Scratch Paper
  • Books
  • Calculators (or calculator watches)
  • Cell Phones
  • Beepers (or any other similar electronic devices)
  • iPods, MP3 Players, Electronic Games
  • Compass
  • Ruler
  • Dictionary or Thesaurus
  • Any other materials which may provide assistance to students answering test questions

Students may bring reasonable snacks for the breaks (fruit, cookies, etc.) but no food, drink, candy or gum may be consumed DURING testing.

Additional ISEE Accommodations:

With prior approval from the ERB, below is an additional list of accommodations that can be administered at a standard ISEE test site in a standard timing testing room.

These accommodations could include any one of the following:

  • Graph/Lined Paper – Provided by Family
  • Graphic Organizer – Provided by Family
  • Multiplication Table – Provided by Family
  • Math Reference Sheet – Provided by Family
  • Access to Medical Supplies/Snack/ Drink at all Times During Testing
  • Preferential Seating
  • Highlighter – Provided by Family
  • Ruler/Index Card/Tracking Device – Provided by Family
  • Colored Overlay – Provided by Family
  • Magnifier – Provided by Family
  • Noise Reducing Headphones/ Earplugs – Provided by Family
  • FM System – Provided by Family